Michelle Egberts, Founder


Dante Adkins, Director


Corinne Stockman, Community Relations

Corinne started with AV East Kern Second Chance as a client.  As she and her family were able to successfully win a restraining order case against their neighbor it sparked a fire for learning all about the courts.  Corrine has studied constitutional law since 2018 and learned how to stand up for personal rights.




Wakisha  "Kisha" Owens, Mental Health Advocate

Kisha joined Ave east Kern Second chance as an advocate for mental health. She has gone through the system (mental health of America and mental health services division)and made a successful transition back to the community and work. Kisha has dealt with mental health illness all her life and can help navigate others to a better life.





Paul Wagner, Director Public Relations

Paul has been assisting with AV East Kern Second Chance Expungement since their inception with their Public Relations and their Website.

Paul brings to the table years of experience in Both Public Relations and Web design