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All these years later I am now living with an expunged record.

I remember checking in with Probation one day when I came across a flyer in the office lobby about an Expungement Workshop presented by AV-East Kern Second Chance and attended.  All these years later I am now living with an expunged record and have been employed by some of the best companies in California, and even got my Bachelor’s Degree. Michelle doesn’t stop with expungement, she’s a friend, an ear, and most importantly a life coach. She’ll tell you like it is and make sure your doing everything you can to put your past where it belongs, in the past! I can’t be more grateful for all of her advice and tips which have got me to where I am today.  Looking forward to being the next candidate for a Governor’s Pardon, once my Certificate of Rehabilitation is granted.  I know with her advice anything is possible!!

Click here to see Dane’s picture at Michael D. Antonovich Courthouse with his final expungement!

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Dane Kigerl
Dane K.

I used to live in California…

I used to live in California, but am now living in Florida, I found your website online. I reached out to you from Florida, from one shore across to the other. And you reached back and took my hand; and you came through for me like a champ! I am humbly grateful.

Laurence P J.

Am very grateful and thankful

Hi my name is Ms. Jamaica and I was so happy when I met Michelle Egbert and Richard Macias in 2016…I was a foster mom and was arrested in 2013. Michelle was able to help me with an early termination of my probation & expunged my criminal record….I am very grateful and thankful to Michelle and Richard for all they did for me….

Ms. Jamaica

too old for the game

Well…at first I had my doubts…Ms. Egberts was very determined to make her dream job come to fruition…I have seen her go from struggling to start a functioning program to a successful business for herself. She did my expungement after I tried and failed to do it myself. She did it with no problem. I was impressed. She actually is wanting to help people and she knows what she is doing. If you need to clear your criminal record, you can rely on Michelle and the staff of AV-East Kern Second Chance.

Kelly C

Kelle Cox
kelle Cox rocks!

So many years have passed.

So many years have passed since I was first introduced to the cold world of injustice and a lie that deceives so many.  They tried to crush me and take away my voice.  But they were unsuccessful, because in darkness I have seen the light.  Now I can live again. Now I can be free.  You have become very dear to my heart Michelle–breaker of chains.  God Bless YOU.

Andy R.

Always know how much you are appreciated.

Sometimes, the people we count on the most are the ones who hear “thank you” the least,  Since you’re one of those people, I hope you always know how much your are appreciated.

Maurice W.

So much for so many….

You do so much for so many. We love and appreciate you for it,  You are being held in prayer for magnificent outcomes.

Davd R.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.  You have changed my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t say it enough.

Janice H.